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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot find the information you need or you have a question you might think everyone asks us? Here you will find common answers to questions we are regularly asked. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please do get in touch via our Contact page. We’re only too happy to discuss all things weddings!

What cameras do you use? What format do you film in?

We use broadcast quality 3 CCD / CMOS cameras. These cameras can operate in the sometimes low light levels seen in churches and function rooms. We record digitally on tape, using the Sony HDV 1080i standard.

What format will my video be delivered in?

A standard DVD is the normal delivery method for our wedding videos. You can upgrade your wedding video package to Blu-ray for a reasonable cost. We are also able to output video to many different formats of file such as Flash, Windows Media Files, AVI for use on the internet. You can upload parts of your wedding video to YouTube if you so wish.

What are our payment options?

Under normal circumstances, we require a deposit of 25% payable on the day of booking, a further payment of 50% two weeks prior to the event date and a final payment after the wedding, when you receive your final wedding DVD.

Can the standard packages on offer be customised?

The packages detailed on our website are a guide to pricing only. Any package can be built using the options on these pages and we always attempt to accommodate our clients wishes when creating their wedding DVD. If you have a particular feature you would like including that is not on our list of options, feel free to contact us so that we may discuss your requirements and create a better package to suit your needs.

What events do you normally film throughout the wedding day?

Our website details the various packages and options we have. Most of our packages contain some or all of these events:

  • Videographer present at wedding venue and the brides house
  • Establishing shots of venue(s)
  • Arrivals and scene setting shots
  • Arrival of bride
  • Groom in church
  • The service
  • The signing of the register
  • Leaving the church
  • Photography session (confetti)
  • The speeches
  • The first dance
  • The party after the dance

How long will my wedding video be when it is completed?

Your wedding DVD will usually run for between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes. Effects and titles are added as standard and are included in the price for the package you choose.

Will you attend the church wedding rehearsal?

It is likely you have spent many months planning your wedding. We also have to plan our video shoot to capture a great wedding video for you. We endeavour to attend the rehearsal because this presents a great opportunity to check out the venue and speak to the officials before your big day. Obviously for weddings that are a long way from our home town, we cannot always attend the rehearsal.

Do you move around during the service?

During the service, we tend to stay still and film the event as unobtrusively as possible. Indeed, most churches do not allow wedding videographers to move around once the ceremony has started.

How long after our wedding day will we receive the videos?

After filming a wedding day, it can take up to 30 or 40 hours to edit the video and add music and titles. We do not like to rush this part of the process because this would compromise the quality of the finished DVD. We normally work to a rough calendar month for presentation of the final DVD but this can increase during the busy Summer months.

Can I economise by getting a friend to video my wedding?

It is certainly possible to create a wedding video by getting a friend or relative to film it for you. However, we have found through experience this method will not come close to the final quality of a professionally produced wedding DVD. If you are considering this as an option, we urge you to obtain sample DVDs from several wedding videographers and compare them with some video that your friend or relative has taken. In particular, compare whether the pictures shake around. Check the colour to see if it is vibrant and listen to the sound to see if you can make out what is being said. Doing these things will give you a good indication of what to expect from the final video, should you decide to go down this route.

If you have any other questions, please feel free get in touch.

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