The Wedding of Lorna & Luke

Lorna & Luke got married at Tyn Dwr Hall in Llangollen, North Wales. The venue is fairly new to weddings, we were led to believe. But what a stunning venue it is, nestled in a rather rugged valley next to a picture perfect stream and gardens.

The wedding film very much featured the venue and a helicopter flight in by the groom and his party. Fun in the edit suite because we got to use the original James Bond theme music!

Our day started with filming establishing shots of the venue and then moving indoors to film the bridal party getting ready. That’s when our camera failed in style. Luckily, being professional videographers we had a backup camera ready to go so we switched to that without a hitch (well, a hitch with filming). After the photographer had similar issues, we suggested that perhaps the place was haunted and we were advised it definitely was!

In a slight twist with this wedding, we’ve decided to share all the parts we filmed for Lorna & Luke on our website. Why? For years, we’ve struggled to describe just what great value for money you get with a Carillon Video wedding film, compared to many other wedding videographers. We thought, “how can we truly get the message across to those potential clients who are looking for an amazing wedding film?” Then it struck us! The message is contained within the end product itself. Lorna & Luke have very kindly agreed to allow us to share their entire wedding film in this way. Thanks guys!

What can you expect from a Carillon Video wedding film?

So, if you want to watch any parts from their wedding film, to see exactly what you can expect from a full featured Carillon Video wedding film, just contact us to get the passwords required and then sit back and relax with your favourite brew whilst watching the individual parts below. We hope you enjoy Lorna & Luke’s fantastic wedding day!

First up, the intro!

Followed by that spectacular moment the groom arrived, by helicopter!

Guests arriving, whilst the bridal party continue to get ready for the main event.

Final preparations from the bride before she walks down the stairs to get married.

The wedding ceremony, in full.

Part one of the photo shoot in the venue gardens.

Part two of the photo shoot in the venue gardens. This part features the confetti throw, which was a bit of a riot for all involved.

Part three of the photo shoot in the venue gardens, featuring mostly shots of the bride and groom away from the wedding guests and enjoying a bit of peace and quiet.

That special moment where the bride and groom walk into the wedding reception and their guests welcome them with cheers and maybe even an impromptu song!

Speeches. Lots of speeches. Filmed in full, of course. The ghosts got the better of the venue radio mic for a short while, but fortunately for us, we’d covered ourselves with our own radio mics on the top table, so we captured all the audio. The venue manager quickly interceded to exorcise the gremlins in the sound system so that everyone could once again hear the speeches.

The first dance. When we say first dance, we mean the first dance and leave the cameras rolling for a while. In this case, we captured a rather good wedding band in full flow. Certainly one of the many highlights of this fantastic wedding!

Want your own wedding film from Carillon Video?

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