Huge Discount on Remaining 2018 Wedding Dates!

Carillon Video to run a huge promotion on their final diary dates for 2018!

We’ve not done something this big before like, ever! But, we’ve been looking at the diary and rather than spending lots of money on advertising to fill up just the last few wedding dates that are available in our 2018 diary, we’ve decided to just offer a one off, special discount.

So here goes….

If you’re getting married in 2018 and you want a wedding film from Carillon Video, you can now book our Gold Package with a massive 30 percent off! What do you do next? Well, have a look at our showreel and see if our wedding film style is right for you, then drop us an email through the contact page with the details (definitely need the date) of your wedding and we’ll check our diary to see if we’re free. If we are, you can book right away and as always, we’ll lock that date out in our diary, just for you.

What could be simpler?

The Gold Package is now £630.00 to you, assuming we are available. That’s cheaper than our standard Bronze Package!

Please note:

  1. Clearly we are more likely to be filming on weekends rather than weekdays, but just because we are not filming on a particular weekday, doesn’t mean we will have availability on that date. The reason for this is, a wedding film is not just a full day filming. It’s several weeks of editing and post production too.
  2. There are obviously a very limited number of dates available. First come, first served. We are not in the business of cancelling on clients to take better paying weddings elsewhere (believe me, it happens – I get many calls from distraught couples who have been let down at the last minute because their videographer got offered more money on their wedding date).
  3. All our other terms & conditions are still valid for this offer.